PropTech Recruitment Annivesary

We have just celebrated our one year anniversary at Hyre (pronounced Hire). It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable journey, full of ups and downs. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve learned.


From its very earliest mentions right through to the present day, PropTech has caused a bit of a stir among the property industry and there remains something of a divide between the PropTech believers and the non-believers. I’ve certainly realised that there’s no real middle ground! However, more and more property industry veterans have been recognising the opportunity to move from an industry which, in many areas, is in decline to one which is on the cusp of a boom. Such moments provide excellent career progression for those who are ambitious enough and bold enough to take a bit of a risk.


Looking back to when we first launched, I recall the first few comments on Property Industry Eye highlighted exactly this dynamic. Some commentators said we would have a very hard time as PropTech was just a buzzword while others said we were taking advantage of a new industry. Both have proved correct! Anyone who has started a new business will attest to this; PropTech recruitment is no different.


It was certainly a big risk to start a recruitment agency in a ‘new’ industry, and I did have my doubts. However, over this last year I have seen first-hand how the property industry is changing. From LSL investing in Yopa to Zoopla buying Hometrack, the property industry progressed whether the traditionalists like to believe it or not. I believe this is only the start and the embracing of technology at a corporate and individual level will only continue to accelerate.


I love being able to have a birds-eye view over all of this craziness. We’ve worked with startup technology businesses that have gone from 5 employees to over 50 and we’ve worked with corporates who realise they need a new breed of person - those who understand the opportunities from digital. Technology is embracing property and property is embracing technology. In both directions, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as businesses learn to embrace new skillsets and people learn to understand new cultures. Of course, there are always frustrations, but who doesn’t have some frustrations with their job?


PropTech is an extremely exciting place to work, and if you get stuck in and enjoy what you do, then you can progress quickly in your career. Fast growing industries lead to lots of opportunities for advancement. One of our candidates has already been promoted twice!


If you’re interested in discussing how Hyre PropTech Recruitment can help you join the PropTech revolution then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!